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Mascara & Lipgloss Filling Machine

Item No.:L/M-99-12

Intended Use
L/M99-12 mascara & lipgloss filling machine. It could collocate empty bottles feeding unit, wiper unit and brush unit
Dimension: 550x 185x 227cm (L x W x H)
Power: 220V/ψ

1. One 20 liter pressure & heated tank

2. Precise piston filling system

3. Each time to fill 12 pieces

4. Shaft valve device

5. Two filling methods, stay for filling or diving filling

6. With back draw system to keep bottle neck clean

7. Pump is with stirrer incide to help bulk more even, especially for pearl and
glitter bulk

8. Bottle checking system, no bottle no filling

9. Servo capping system. Set torque, number of turns and speed from touch
screen separately. When reach torque, capping unit will stop capping
automatically to avoid damage

10. Capping head could be adjusted according to bottle height and also
changeable according to bottle shape

60-80 pcs/ minute
Target Product
Mascara and lip gloss

Empty bottles feeding unit

Wiper feeding unit

Brush feeding unit

Filling unit :

1. With pressure tank, cool filling

2. With heated tank, hot filling

3. With pressure and heated tank for cool & hotfilling

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